Top 3 reasons to use third party delivery in Cleveland County.

More and more restaurants are using third party delivery companies from fast food drive-thru to traditional family fare establishments.  If you want to stay competitive as a restaurateur offering online options and providing delivery is now a must to remain relevant.  If you aren't sure about how the benefits of food delivery can boost your sales, their are many perks to consider.


The demand for online ordering is increasing and burgeoning across the country.  People crave the convenience of having their food delivered to their office or residence. Since only a few local restaurants offer delivery service, partnering with a third party provider keeps you competitive in today's market.


Providing delivery service increases your customer reach and base; obviously you will make more money and sales.  Reaching a larger area and greater group of patrons means you sell more meals and connect with people who may not otherwise stop at your location.  More sales means more revenue which is every owner's ultimate goal.


Lots of customers want to eat but also want to avoid crowds.  They love having their food delivered to their front steps.  Customers who crave this type of convenience are unlikely to buy from eateries who don't offer delivery as an option.  If you are the diner smart enough to offer delivery, you'll get the customer the other cafe doesn't. Providing delivery makes your brand more recognizable, reaches more people and increases your profits.

As a restaurant owner, it just makes good business sense to use a their party delivery company.  You can make more money, get more customers and stay competitive while operating a business that you can be proud of!

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    1. We are currently working on getting an app for our services.

      Our fees are simple flat rates with no mileage, small order fee, or item minimum.
      $30.00 or less – $7.95
      $30.01-$50.00 – $9.95
      $50.01-$75.00 – $12.95
      $75.00 or more – 15% flat rate

      Feel free to text or call us @ 704-412-1030 for more details or answers to any other questions you may have.


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